Digital Marketing – Intro

If you’re interested in learning more about digital marketing you’ve come to the right place. During my 13 years in this industry I have witnessed monumental shifts and developed many lessons along the way that I’m looking forward to sharing and discussing with you, the reader. Amidst the fast pace and constant change this space presents, I feel the fundamental principles remain truer and more important to a marketer than ever.

I’ll begin by sharing these fundamental principles that are so often overlooked. Once the fundamentals are in place, we can then make sense of the recent trends in digital marketing and begin to predict the road ahead. By combining the fundamentals with a look into the not too distant future my hope is that this blog will offer some insight for an entrepreneur embarking on their first marketing campaign to the marketing director overseeing the advertising spend for their Fortune 500 company and everyone in between. Digital marketing is my passion, and I cannot wait to hear your feedback on my thoughts and how your experiences in this industry compare to mine.


Chris Sturlis


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