The Principles – Lesson 1

My first series of posts will highlight the fundamental principles of digital marketing, which may seem obvious, but are so often overlooked. These principles have been developed from my experiences in this space and through networking with digital marketers from every corner of the world. No matter the experience or position it never ceases to amaze me the lessons we tend to forget on our journey to becoming “Digital Marketing Experts.”

Lesson 1: Don’t Over Think Your Message

You have been exposed to marketing messages your entire life, and often the most effective messages have been the ones that are the most simple. This is why when creating a marketing strategy and the content to go with it digital marketers forget this basic principle: Don’t Over Think it. Meaning, most marketers will make their message too complicated, obscuring the very message or feeling they were attempting to articulate.

From imagery to descriptions in the digital marketing world less is often more. Keep this is mind when your banging your head against the table designing your perfect image to go along with a poetic description of your product or service. Your digital marketing ads are not going to revolutionize the industry. The imagery and content of your ad campaigns should have a simple clear message that drives qualified leads to your business.

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